Academy  Policy  

(Updated on 1 October 2020)

Payment Method

All payment for registering classes is to be made via online bank transfer only.



  • Players who withdraw from a class during the first three weeks of a term will receive 60% refund of the total payment.

  • Players who withdraw from a class during the fourth to sixth week of classes will receive 30% refund of the total payment.

  • Students receive no refund if they drop after the sixth week of classes.


In extreme cases involving serious illness, death, or relocation, arrangements for credit or refund can be made at the discretion of the academy.



Any request to discontinuation from classes must be made in writing to the Academy. Verbal requests will not be honoured. The Academy reserves the right to discontinue a student’s enrollment at any time for reasons including, but not limited to: poor attendance, non-payment of fees, or disruptive behavior. Discontinuance imposed by the academy is not subject to any refund.

Absence & Attendance

Maintaining consistent personnel is essential for musical integrity. In order to achieve the most of our learning and performing experiences, attendance at all orchestra practices is crucial. As scheduling conflicts do occasionally occur,  we understand it may be necessary for a player to miss a practice. In the event that you cannot attend a practice or do not plan to play one of the concerts, please notify us as early as possible. Players who miss two or more weekly practice in a term or the dress rehearsal for a given concert may not perform in that concert except by special permission of the Academy.


Due to group class participation, there is no replacement lesson to be made from any absence. If an instructor is absent for a lesson, a substitute instructor will be replaced.


Class Materials

Players are responsible for the purchase of their own books, instruments, music stand, and other materials needed for the rehearsals. These items which can be obtained outside of the Academy. The academy will assist in referring players to where they can obtain items outside of the Academy. Sheet music and some written materials in PDF format will be emailed to players, It is players' responsibilities to print the sheet music and bring to all rehearsals.

Music folder...

Rotation (orchestra seating arrangement)

The decision of rotation of seating in our orchestras is based on solely artistic discretion and for the best interest for all players. In providing pleasurable learning experience for all players, all players must fully comply with this decision-making made by the Academy. Seating procedures for rehearsals and concerts may change throughout each concert's preparation.



Performance is an integral and exciting part of music study for players at the Academy. The Academy provides a variety of unique performance opportunities for players including internal concerts and public concerts held in locally and internationally. 


Photo & Video Releases

The Academy reserves the right and permission to publish any photos/images taken during classes and at concerts. Photos/images may be used in a current or future year in print, electronic or video format, including but not limited to newsletters, brochures, flyers, press releases, advertising, the annual info guide, the Academy’s website and social media pages, and other promotional materials. Compensation will not be provided. The information provided is held in confidence and photos are never shared with other organizations or sold.

Players at the Academy may be video recorded if an Audition to be taken place. You understand that the video recording will become an asset of the Academy and will not be published nor shared with other organizations.


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