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The Selangor Symphony Orchestra works very hard to accomplish its objectives and missions. However, as with all orchestras across the world, SSO is no exception when it comes to needing financial support to survive. Sponsorship is always welcome, and it can come not only from large organizations but also from smaller institutions, even a small, one-time donation is most appreciated!. To ensure that we can have an audience, we keep our ticket prices at a reasonable range, hence we need organizations to kindly come in and make possible for the objectives of the SSO.  The Selangor Symphony Orchestra is registered as a non-profit organisation in Registrar of Societies (ROS) in Malaysia with society registration no. PPM-002-10-16062015
Sponsorship not only supports our music onstage, it also helps our outreach projects to grow and thrive – from community engagement to nurturing of young musicians.

We thank you fro
m the bottom of our hearts!
Donations FAQs:

Is my gift tax deductible?
Unfortunately we are unable to offer tax deductible at the moment, but we are working hard on it to make it happened in the near future.

How will my gift be acknowledged?
You will be acknowledged on this website and in all our concert programs. You can choose for your gift to be anonymous, too.

Can I make a gift and remain anonymous - or create a memorial acknowledgement?
If you wish to remain anonymous or to honour a loved one's memory with a gift, we will be delighted to arrange that for you. 

I would like to make a donation but am not quite sure where I should direct it to?
Please contact us at either by email or call us at +6014.974.6885. We would be happy to talk with you about different ways you can support us.
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