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Introducing our new

Community Choir

A choir that's for the community and all walks of life!  Open for anyone:

  • If you are age 8 and above

  • NO experience & NO audition required 

  • Can’t read music? No problem!

  • Meet new friends & make musical memories!

  • Sing in a variety of styles such as pop, oldies, Broadway, Disney, etc. 

  • Coached by experienced vocal coach and choirmaster.


Our Choirmaster, Mr Koh Tian Yi

Koh Tian Yi.jpg

Koh Tian Yi is a choir conductor, classical pianist, and vocalist. In 2018, he has completed his Master Degree in Choral Conducting at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (UK) under the tutelage of famous British composer and choral conductor Paul Spicer. He was awarded Prestigious Leverhulme Arts Scholarship by the Leverhulme Trust for his outstanding achievement during his studies. Tian Yi received his piano Performer’s Certificate at the age of 15, and later received his piano LTCL certificate with distinction in 2012. In 2013, he graduated with a Bachelor Degree (Honour) Classical Piano from UCSI under the tutelage of Professor Dr. P’ng Tean Hwa. At the same year, he founded youth choir Lollapalooza Singers, which then received Chamber Choir Category Winner award in 2nd Voices of Asia choir competition 2014.  Soon after that, the choir was invited to Radio Television Malaysia for recording. During his time in UK, Tian Yi worked as a musical director for 3 choirs and performed frequently with them. He traveled to more than 10 countries during his musical journey and has been very active in Malaysia's music scene by giving recitals, masterclasses, and workshops, in both piano and choir scenes. Most recently, he was invited to be one of the guest conductors for choir project ‘Community Spirit’ and performed at Birmingham Symphony hall, UK.

Class Details:

  • Class duration: Per term (every 3 months), every Saturday 2:30pm – 4pm.

  • Fee: RM250/term (if you have signed up one of our orchestra programs). RM350/term (for all outsiders).

  • Class Format: Group class setting, consists up to 25 or more singers

  • Singing Language: Mainly English.


Course Descriptions:

  1. The fundamentals: Posture, Breathing (Diaphragmatic), Tone Production, Resonance, Projection, Unifying Registration, Voice Range Expansion and Dynamics Control.

  2. Sing In Tune: How to sing in tune and maintain the intonation/ pitch throughout the piece.

  3. Counting: To develop your inner rhythm or pulse.

  4. Diction: Learn various pieces in different languages other than English:

  5. Build Your Repertoire: Pop; Oldies, Traditional, Musical Broadway.

  6. Expand Your Vocal Range: Learn to sing high notes and expand your range. Use the Range Finder tool at the end of the lesson to put into practice what you've learned.

  7. Gather inspiration: Tap into your emotions that allows you to connect with your listeners.

  8. Shine On Stage: to perform in public festive events accompanied by well-trained orchestra conducted professional conductors.

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