1st National Concerto Competition

"To nurture and celebrate emerging talents"

The Selangor Symphony Orchestra (SSO) welcomes all young Malaysians to participate in its 1st National Concerto Competition as we nurture and celebrate young emerging local talents. Open to middle and secondary school students nationwide, the competition is committed to seeking outstanding young musicians to perform as soloists with the SSO in its 2022/2023 concert season.


Our aim is to stimulate our local young musicians and to showcase their abilities particularly with the current pandemic, in the SSO’s contributions to education and outreach. With the social distancing requirements of the pandemic, the Preliminary and Final rounds of the competition will be held virtually through the submission of video recordings.


  • Open to young Malaysians, nationwide (see age restrictions under" Age Categories" below).

  • Open to current residents of Malaysia, with valid student identification.

Age Categories

  1. Young Artiste Junior, ages 12 and below, born in or after 2009 

  2. Young Artiste Senior, ages 13 to 18, born in or between 2003 and 2008. 

Instrument Categories

  • Piano

  • Strings (violin, viola, cello, harp)

  • Winds (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, and trombone).

Prizes for the First Place winners

  • Up to total of six First Place winners from each Age and Instrument Category will be chosen and invited to perform as soloists with the SSO in its 2022/2023 season.

  • Will be offered SSO Fellowship residency for up to 2 years.

  • 1 sponsored private lesson with SSO concertmaster or a Principal player, as relevant to the instrument.

  • 1 sponsored voucher for any online 6-session music course of the SEA Music Academy Online.

Prizes for Runners-up (Second and Third Place winners)

  • Will be offered SSO Fellowship residency up to 2 years.

  • At least one opportunity to perform chamber music with Principal players of the SSO.

Application Fee

  • RM220/entry (if submitted on/by 1 November 2021, 5pm).

  • RM150/entry (if submitted on/by 15 October 2021, 5pm).


Registration Deadline

  • On/by 1 November 2021 (Monday), 5pm

Online Application Procedures

Before submitting the online application form, it is important to take note of the following:

  1. Fill in all information in the Online Application Form

  2. Provide YouTube video URL link of your recorded performance in the online application form

  3. Submit the application fee (bank details below) and include the proof of transfer receipt in the online application form

  4. When submitting the online application, review and agree to the Information, Rules & Regulations.


Bank details:

       Bank Account Name: Selangor Symphony Society

       Bank Name: RHB Bank

       Bank Account: 2145.2100.0126.90

Competition Schedule

  1. Application deadline with Preliminary round video submission: on/by 1 November 2021 (Monday) 5pm.

  2. Result of Preliminary round: on 7 November 2021, this will be announced on the SSO social media channel.

  3. Final round video submission: on/by 9 January 2022, 8pm (with photo and short biography).

  4. Virtual Final round: 16 January 2022 (Sunday) from 10am to 5pm, live streamed on our social media channel. 

  5. Result of Final round: 16 January 2022 (Sunday), announced at 9pm on our website and social media channel. 

  6. Concert: 2022/2023 Season Concert, dates to be arranged with First Place winners.

General Competition Procedure 

I. Application

  • The application fee is non-refundable.  

  • The participant’s age group is determined by the year of birth, regardless of month.

  • The participant’s age group is determined by the year of application submission which is 2021.

  • Applicant is welcome to participate in more than one instrument, however he/she will need to submit an additional application form with the application fee.

II. Judging

  • Contacting Jury members before or during the competition is not permitted.

  • The decisions of the adjudicators are final. 

  • Please note that deliberations between adjudicators are entirely internal, and comments will not be disclosed to contestants for both Preliminary and Final rounds. This will ensure a robust discussion within the panel, where all aspects can be freely deliberated. 

  • The Jury reserves the right to withhold awarding a First Place designation in any age group/instrumental category if they decide the submissions have not reached that level. 

  • Contestants will be judged on musicianship, technical proficiency, intonation, teamwork with accompanist (where applicable), poise, and overall presentation skills. It is highly recommended that applicants choose repertoire that allows them to perform at their best, rather than choosing repertoire of a high difficulty level that has yet to demonstrate mastery of the instrument. 

III. Selection

  • In the Preliminary Round, up to four finalists from each age group/instrument category will advance to the Final round. Therefore, up to 24 finalists will be chosen for the Final round.

  • In the Final Round, there will be one First Place winner and two runners up chosen from each age group/instrument category. The First Place winner will be provided the sole invitation to perform with the SSO in 2022/2023 Concert Season. Should the First Place winner be unable to perform for the concert, the SSO may invite a runner-up of its choice to take up this opportunity. 

IV. Additional Conditions

  • All candidates should continue to be enrolled in private lessons, to ensure their progress leading up to the final concert.

  • Changes to the repertoire will not be permitted after submitting the online application form.

  • Please check all application and submission details. Incomplete applications or video submissions that do not comply with these rules may result in the participant’s disqualification without refund. We welcome questions, which can be emailed to prior to submitting an application.

Repertoire & Sheet Music

  • Please note the requirement for repertoire for both Preliminary and Final Rounds, under the webpage of Competition Repertoire

  • For the winners concert, soloists will be invited to perform the piece chosen for their Final round submission.

  • Selections of music in Final round must have a published orchestral score and parts that are readily available on public domain, whether on IMSLP or through another source. If the score of a First Place winner’s selection is not readily available for the concert, the winner may be asked to prepare a different selection for performance with the SSO.

  • No repeats are needed for both the Preliminary round and Final Round.

  • For the Preliminary round, no submission copy of music to the Jury is required.

  • For the Final round, provide the solo parts (in PDF format) be provided to the Jury rather than the full or piano score, and contestants need to ensure that bar numbers are noted at the start of each line/system.

Video Submission Requirements

  • Submissions of both the Preliminary and Final rounds are to be in the form of online videos.

  • Contestants may choose to record with or without collaborative pianist (accompanist) for both the Preliminary and Final round.

  • If choose to record without a collaborative pianist, playing with a backing track is not necessary. 

  • In the Preliminary round, applicants will upload their recorded performance in the form of a YouTube video (or equivalent, like Vimeo) and provide the link to the performance on the online application form. You may choose to have this as an Unlisted video for purposes of privacy, but please do not designate it as a Private video for ease of accessibility. 

  • In the submitted recording, the following Information needs to be clearly stated in the text of the video description:
    Full name of contestant (as appears in one’s IC or passport)
    Age category and instrument (i.e. Young Artiste Junior Division, violin)
    Repertoire: composers' names and title of piece (i.e. Etude Op.10 no.1 by Chopin, 1st movement Piano
             Sonata No. 16 in C major, K. 545, by Mozart)

  • Applicants are advised to ensure that the audio and video of the recording are of high quality.

  • The video recording shall not be edited or enhanced.

  • The video recording must be recorded and displayed in Landscape Mode.

  • Audio and video shall be recorded simultaneously. 

  • For the two pieces in the Preliminary round, the video recording shall be made in one continuous recording from a single fixed camera location.

  • The performer should be placed in the frame so that the instrument and the performer’s face and hands are clearly visible without obstruction. It is not necessary to include the entire participant within the frame. 


  • Performance from memory for both Preliminary and Final round is encouraged but not mandatory with the exception of pianists. All pianists will need to perform by memory for both Preliminary and Final rounds.

Collaborative Pianists (Accompanists)

  • Contestants may choose to record their competition pieces with or without accompaniment for both the Preliminary and Final round. 

  • Contestants who wish to include accompaniment need to provide their own accompanists in both the Preliminary and Final Round. 

  • Teachers may accompany their students. 

  • Collaborative pianists should take appropriate cuts in tutti sections.

Traveling & Accommodation

  • First Place winners are responsible for their own expenses of traveling and accommodation for the rehearsals and concert with the SSO.

  • The organiser will not be held responsible for any costs incurred related to interruptions due to governmental restrictions, such as current movement control orders.  

Dress Code for both Preliminary and Final Round

  • Proper attire is part of any performance. Participants are advised against jeans, sneakers, flip flops, shorts, tank tops and t-shirts. However, participants are welcome to record without footwear in consideration of home recordings (in any case, the entire performer need not be in the frame).

Winners Concert

  • Up to total of six First Place winners from each Age and Instrument Category will be chosen and invited to perform as soloists with the SSO in its 2022/2023 season. 

  • First Place winners will need to be prepared to rehearse with the SSO and be available for 2 rehearsals on 2 consecutive days with the SSO in the concert week.

Photography/Audio & Video Recording

  • The organiser reserves the right to use all the photos, recording and videos recording which are taken during the Final Round and concert, and to release any these materials for future publicity or/and commercial purposes without seeking further approval from the contestants. All contestants agree that all copyrights of the photos and video recordings belong to the organiser.


  • Disqualification is at the discretion of the organiser, for contravention of any of these regulations. To avoid disqualification, feel free to message the organiser should there be any queries. 

Additional Conditions

  • The organiser may opt to cancel any competition category, should the total participants be fewer than appropriate for competition purposes. If this occurs, the entry fee will be refunded.

  • Situations not covered by these rules shall be left to the discretion of the organiser.

  • The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the rules and regulations, and all supporting materials relating to the competition at any time without further notice. 

For any enquiries, please contact or 014-974 6885