2021 Concerto Competition


1. Open to nationwide

2. Contestants must be current resident of Malaysia with valid student identification.

Application Fees

1. RM80/entry

Registration Deadline

1. Submit online application form by 5pm October 30th 2022 (Wednesday)

Online Application

Before submitting the Online Application Form, it is important to take note of the following:

1. Review and agree all Rules & Regulations;

2. Submit online application HERE;

3. Provide YouTube Video URL of the video performance in the Online Application Form.

4. Attach proof of payment receipt of entry fee in the Online Application Form. 

Payment Method

1. Payment to be made via online bank transfer only. 

2. Entry Fee can be paid via: 

  • Bank Account Name: Selangor Symphony Society

  • Bank Name:  RHB Bank

  • Bank Account: 2145.2100.0126.90

Refund Policy

1. There will be no refund shall any applicant drop out from the competition due to any personal reasons even in extreme cases involving personal or family serious illness or death.

2. The SSO reserves the right to cancel sections of music camp with insufficient enrolment. In the event that the camp is cancelled, participants will receive full refund.

3. The SSO reserves the right to discontinue a participant’s participation at the camp at any time for reasons including, but not limited to false information, etc.

Competition and Concert Dates

1. Preliminary Round: on/by 10pm, 1st November  2022 (Monday) - submission of application form with video submission of Youtube URL and entry fee.

2. Result of Preliminary Round: by 15th November 2022 - preliminary result will be sent to contestants by email.

3. Final round competition: January 2022, live competition, open to public. 

4. Concert: February 2022, live concert with SSO, exact date and venue TBA.

Competition Procedures

1. There are two rounds in the competition: the Preliminary Round (via Youtube video URL submission) and the Final Round live competition which will place in Klang Valley, Selangor.

2. The decisions of the adjudicators are final. 

3. The order of appearances in both Preliminary and Final Round will be determined by alphabetical order of candidate’s last name.

4. All candidates must be currently enrolled in private lessons. 

5. No comments will be given to all contestants for both Preliminary and Final Round.

6. All finalists must be available to stay until at the end of the Final Round Competition for the winner announcement and winners must be present to receive the winning award.

7. Winners who are absent to participate for the Final Round will be considered forfeited.

8. Only up to 3 finalists will advance to the final round in each division and each instrument category.

9. There will be 1 winner chosen in each age and instrument category.

10. While filling up the online application, please double check your contacts and phone number are entered correctly.

Video Requirements for Preliminary Round

1. All applicants must submit a Youtube URL in the Online Application Form.  

2. In your video performance, the following Information must be clearly stated in the description of Youtube:

  • Full name of participant

  • Competition Category (i.e. Young Artiste Junior Division, violin)

  • Repertoire: composers' names, title of piece (i.e. Chopin, Etude no.1)

​3. Applicants are strongly urged to verify, on their own, that the video URL functions properly. 

4. The audio and video of the recording must be of high quality.

5. The video recording shall not be edited or enhanced and must be recorded in real time and should not have been edited or altered in any way. 

6. The video recording shall be made in one continuous recording from one fixed camera location. 

7. The performer should be placed in the frame so that the instrument and the performer’s face and hands are clearly visible without obstruction.

8. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify candidates who have submitted modified recordings.



1. Memorization for BOTH the Preliminary and Final Round is mandatory for ALL ages and instruments

Collaborative Pianist (Accompanist)

1. All candidates must perform with a collaborative pianist, backing track is not allowed.

2. Candidate must provide his/her own collaborative pianist for both the Prelim and Final round.

3. The organizer will not be responsible to recommend nor provide collaborative pianists to contestants.

4. Teachers may accompany their students. 

5. Collaborative pianists should take appropriate cuts in tutti sections.

Dress Code for Preliminary Round

1. Proper dress attire is required. Jeans and t-shirt are allowed. Bare-foot is allowed since most contestants will record at home.

Final Round

1. A large waiting room will house all the Finalists during the competition. Each contestant will be brought to a private room with a digital-piano for a 20- minute warm-up before proceeding to another room for the competition.

2. Proper dress attire for Final Round is required. Participants are advised that jeans, sneakers, tennis shoes, flip flops, open-toe shoes, shorts, tank tops, or t-shirts are not permitted.

Final Round Award Ceremony

1. Final Round result will be announced at the end of the competition (time schedule will be determined on later stage). 

2. All winners must collect their awards upon the result announcement. 

3. Adjudicators reserve the right not to offer a 1st prize winner in any age and/or instrumental categories.


1. Winners must be available for 2 rehearsal in 2 consecutive days with SSO. 

2. There will be 2 complimentary tickets given to each winner for the concert.

3. Concert will take place on….

4. All winners will be featured on SSO website, local media, and social media. 

5. Winners must be available for 2 rehearsals with the SSO on concert week. 

6. It is compulsory for winners to rehearse with the SSO.

7. The conductor will personally meet the winners priory to the rehearsals to determine the tempi, etc. Date and time to be arranged may be held via virtual or in person.

Special Workshop for all participants 

1. A free virtual workshop will be given to all Contestants about tips on competition preparation, choosing the right piece, Q & A about the competition

2. A free virtual workshop will be given to all Winners about tips on how to play with live orchestra

Photo and Video Releases

1. The organiser reserves the right to use all the photos, recordings and videos recording which are taken during course of the competition and this includes materials provided by the applicants/candidates/winners from the time they submit their application until concert day, and to release any these materials for future publicity or/and commercial purposes without seeking further approval from the contestants. All contestants agree that all copyrights of the photos and video recordings belong to the organiser.


1. Candidates not complying with the Rules and Regulations may be disqualified.

2. Providing false information in the application will result in the disqualification of the candidate.


1. In the unlikely case of a natural or otherwise unforeseen emergency, the organiser reserves the right to reschedule the competition.

2. The organiser may opt to cancel any competition category, should the total participants are fewer than appropriate for competition purposes, and if this occurs, the entry fee will be refunded.

3. Situations not covered by these rules shall be left to the discretion of the organiser.

4. Contestants are responsible for their personal belongings and safety during the Final Round competition and concert.

5. The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the rules and regulations, and all supporting materials relating to the competition at any time without further notice.

6. The organiser will not be held responsible for any trip cost related to trip interruptions in the case of natural or disease disaster that is set by the local government.

Covid-19 Situation

1. Normally, winners of the competition have their pieces performed in the spring semester. However, if large ensemble participation isn’t permissible due to CDC and University guidelines, the concerto/aria/composition competition concert may be held in alternative formats or cancelled/rescheduled for Fall 2021. Specific ensemble regulations for the spring semester will be announced in January 2021.

For any enquiries, please contact or 014-974 6885