To be qualified for being a Fellow, candidate must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Must be age 12 and above

  • Must be taking private lessons on a weekly basis OR currently attending a baccalaureate degree in music at a local University music department

  • Have extensive orchestra experiences for at least 2 years

  • Recommendation letter from a current instrumental teacher AND a conductor

  • In general playing grade level is grade 7 and above. However the audition result is determined by the SSO Artistic Advisory Committee based on your audition video playing 

  • Submit your online application ON or BEFORE 31 January 2021


Audition result is determined by the SSO Artistic Advisory Committee

  • All successful Fellows will be in residency for 1 year (up to maximum 3 years), renewable on every year after reviewed by the SSO Artistic Advisory Committee


Fill in and submit your online application HERE, your application will need to include the following:

1) URL of Youtube of audition video recording. Audition pieces can he found HERE

2) Adhere the requirements of your video recording:

  • Make sure you have the right audition excerpts, requirements, tempi, etc. Please use the audition sheet music provided by us.

  • While recording, make sure nothing is obstructing you or your instrument.

  • Listen through your recording to ensure clarity and adequate volume.

  • The recording may have slight pauses between the excerpts, but should not be spliced together with multiple takes or videos. The recording should be one continuous audition as if you were in a live audition.

  • Upload your video recording to YouTube. Video files submitted in other formats will not be accepted. Steps for YouTube uploads can be found here. 

  • During upload, select the “Unlisted” privacy option. This allows you to still share the video link with us without making the video viewable to the public. More info here.

3) Attach letter of recommendation from your current instrumental music teacher AND a conductor

4) Upload a current résumé (not more than two pages in length, in PDF format)

5) Attach proof of payment of RM50 application fee 


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