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Here are some wonderful articles written by others about why orchestra activities are beneficial to your children. 


Music lessons for children – How young is too young? 

How young to start violin lessons? How young is too young? 14 golden advice by American violinist and musical director Susan Pascale. Click HERE to find out more. 


How to improve the school results: not extra maths but music, loads of it

A Bradford primary school wants the world to know its newfound Sats success is down to giving all children up to six hours of music a week. Click HERE to find out more. 


Why orchestra?

Being in Orchestra is much more than just taking a class: it means playing on a team, dedication and practice, and of course making AWESOME music together! Click HERE ​to find out more. 


Why School Students Benefit Hugely from Playing in an Orchestra

Competition for university places and jobs is fiercer than ever, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Click HERE to find out more. 


Improve Your Orchestral Playing, Even from the Back of the Section

Playing from the middle or back of an orchestral string section is as challenging as playing from the principal chair, and yet the skill set you need is very different. Click HERE to find out the skill set.

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