Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question below kindly email us at or Whatsapp us at 014.974.6885

I am a violinist, how do I know I shall audition for violin I or violin II?

Please check out our audiiton pieces listed on our website and consult with your violin eacher prior to applying, as your violin teacher will have the best idea of which section (violin I or violin II) will be the most appropriate for you and your level.

Do I need to come for a live audition? Or I only submit video?

You will not be required to come play for a live audition. All applicants only submit audition video.

Can I have feedback on my audition?

Unfortunately we do not provide any audition feedback for the applicants, their parents or teachers.

When will I know my audition result?

You shall receive your audition result in about three to four days after the submission of your video.

Who will listen to my audition video?

The audition panel which consists of SSYO conductors and coaches who will watch and listen to all audition videos.

Can I edit my audition video?

No editing (cuts, cropping, etc.) is permitted for the audition video.

Can parents sit in the weekly rehearsals?

We regret to inform that no parents are allowed to sit in our rehearsals.

i don't have an instrumental teacher and am not taking weekly lessons, can I jstill oin your orchestra but will practise on my own?

It is mandatory that all SSYO members must have a private insturmental teacher so that he/she can keep up with the music.

What do I need to bring to the weekly rehearsals?

All members will need to bring the following to the weekly orchestra rehearsals: 1) your instrument, 2) sheet music in music folder, 3) music stand, 4) pencil with eraser

Is there a closing date for the application?

Currently there is no closing date for our application as we take new players all year round. However, applicants who submit the application near our concert date will only be considered for enrolment when our next concert cycle starts.

What if I join the orchestra and later find that I have a conflict or do not enjoy the experience?

All succesfull applicants who pass the audition will be invited to come for 1 free trial to play with our orchestra during our weekly class. No refunds will be given after this trial rehearsal. Please note that the application fee is non-refundable.

Do current members re-audition each year?

Yes. Current players' positions may change from year to year as they progress at their own pace.

What if I do not get in to the orchestra I am applying?

The act of auditioning is an accomplishment and we hope that you enjoy and learn something from the experience. We want to stay in touch with you throughout the year, so you should expect to receive invitations to attend our concerts, workshops, music camp, and other events which may benefit you.

How do I submit the audition video?

All applicants have the choice to submit the audition video from ONE of the following: 1) by email to For large video files we recommend WeTransfer WeTransfer is the simplest way to share large files up to 2GB for free of charge. 2) upload in Google Drive and email to us 3) You may also send audition video via Whatsapp to us at +6014-974-6885

What is the time commitment for joining your orchestra?

An orchestra is a team that needs every members to pull his/her weight and we require our members to join our orchestras with enthusiasm and commitment. To accomplish this, all members must be committed to attend our weekly rehearsals, activities, and to perform in all our concerts.

How many concerts does SSYO perform in a year?

SSYO performs 3 major concerts a year and these concerts normally take place in April, July, mid December. In addition, we also perform in outreach events. In the past we had performed at the dementia and orphanage center, Chiristmas concert at shopping malls and fundraising events for the NGOs.

Is your weekly rehearsal compulsory? What if in some weeks I can't make it?

Yes, weekly rehearsal is compulsory for all members. Members will need to apply for leave in the event of an illness or unavoidable conflict. Due to group class participation, there is no replacement lesson to be made from any absence.