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Symphonic Cantopop:

Special Tribute to Koo Kar Fai (顾嘉辉)

25 & 26 March, 2023

Saturday, 8:30pm & Sunday, 3:30pm

The Platform @ Menara KEN TTDI, KL

About The Concert:

SSO revolutionises conventional orchestra with Canto-pop!

Let us take you on a journey to the iconic grandeur of Cantopop songs, ranging from classic oldies to modern  popular hits of Cantopop classics beautifully re-arranged for our Selangor symphony orchestra and singers.


One of the programs is our special tribute to the late renowned HK film & composer Joseph Koo Kar Fai. It consists of appealing pop songs of Hong Kong legends performed by Beyond, Jacky Cheung, Sam Hui, Leslie Cheung, Alan Tam and etc.

Come and acknowledge our SSO Spring season on this refreshing and nostalgic musical journey, featuring renowned singers of Estee Pook, Eddie Yang Ting (Eddie Eu) and our Conductor maestro, Eugene Pook .

雪兰莪交响乐团(SSO) 呈现香港金典歌曲交响创新之旅!


诚邀您出席由著名歌手卜小婷(Estee Pook), 杨庭(Eddie Eu)和我们的指挥大师卜万兴(Eugene Pook )为您呈现令人耳目一新的怀旧交响音乐之旅。

Featured singers:

Yang Ting (Eddie Eu)_edited.jpg

Eddie Eu 杨庭


In 1988, Yang Ting  was discovered by the record company with his outstanding idol appearance and charming stage personality.
He has recorded a total of 15 solo albums so far. Since his debut 30 years ago, he has traveled all over the world to sing. He is also the only artist in Malaysia who has been invited by the National Symphony Orchestra of Thailand  to perform at the Thai National Theatre. His gorgeous stage performance style has earned him a recognition as Malaysia's 'Prince of Stage'. He was also voted as one of Malaysia’s Top 10 Best Singers.

Estee Pook_edited.jpg

Estee Pook 卜小婷


There was an old saying that “music to the ears” which refers to a pleasurable sound that could tickle anyone’s ears requires not only talent it also needs continuous hard work. This has been the working ethic for Estee Pook throughout the years. Estee Pook is a multi-talented performing vocalist. She has participated in various orchestra performances ranging from symphony orchestras, jazz bands to banquet performances, as well as charitable fund-raising events, annual dinners, state government official dinners, and large-scale concerts. Her career highlights are as followed:

• 2006: Joint Local & International Musicians Performance at the Chamber Orchestra and Beautiful Voices.


• 2007: Performing vocalist at the Penang International Dragon Boar Festival.


• 2007: Solo performing vocalist at the welcoming dinner organized by the Penang Municipal to welcome the visiting representatives from Adelaide, Australia.


• 2009: Same stage Performance with famous artist – Sean Ghazi at the “Unforgettable: Konsert Amal Diraja being symphonised by the Kuala Lumpur International Festival Orchestra. Also participated as a performing vocalist for two consecutive nights at Plenary Hall Kuala Lumpur, the first night was to raise fund for the Alzheimer Society while the second night was a birthday celebration for His Royal Highness of Selangor – Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.


• 2009: Invited to be the performing vocalist at a wedding reception at the USA.


• 2010: Performing Vocalist at the Public Bank Mutual Trust National Tour Dinner.


• 2011: Performing vocalist in an 86-vocalist symphony performance at <Concert for Brian 2011>.


• 2012 – Performing vocalist for two fundraising concerts organized by The Orchestra of Kinta Valley.


• 2012: Performing vocalist at Penang’s Musical Festival by The Orchestra of Kinta Valley – attendees include Penang’s Governor.


• 2012 – Interviewed by Astro for Malaysia’s Independence Day Special Documentary Program.


• 2013: Performing vocalist at Nanyang Siang Pau 90 Anniversary Dinner.


• 2015: Performing vocalist at <Dinner with Rakyat Perak> organized by His Royal Highness Sultan of Perak.


• 2015: Performing vocalist at a dinner organized by YB of Perak.


• 2016 & 2018: Performing vocalist at Sinchew Corporate Model Award Dinner.

2017 & 2018 : Invited to the USA for a New Year vocal performance organized by the Malaysia United Group. 


• 2018 : Performance at ShanDong & TaiShan, China for their Mid-Autumn Festival event.


• 2019 : Vocal Performance at YunNan, China for their Mid-Autumn Festival event.


• 2022: Invited by 8TV for vocal performance during their Chinese New Year special program


• Established “Estee Pook Academy” since 2011 to nurture vocal and musical talents locally and provide them with opportunities to performa

The ultimate determination and vision to nurture talents while never forget to give back to the community whenever she is capable shall always be lauded. Estee Pook brings her music to live just like a candlelight that brightens up a dark room. Estee Pook possesses the kindness of man, a heart of an angel but nonetheless, a voice that’s made in heaven.

Special Appearance:

Xu Li photo.jpg

Xu Li 徐理

Guest Conductor


Li Xu has enjoyed his career as both concert bassist and orchestra conductor. Mr. Xu is one of the most active soloists on the bass from the East Asian region. He has been performing concertos with many renowned orchestras in China such as the Shanghai Philharmonic and Zhejiang Symphony, and has performed recitals in Vienna, Italy, Singapore, Hongkong, and Thailand. His recitals and concerto have been broadcast and streamed on China CCTV, Beijing Satellite TV Station, and Shanghai Radio Classical Channel.


Having performed 14 years as an orchestral player with major orchestras, Mr. Xu returned to his studies at the prestigious Eastman School of Music in the United States, where he earned his Bachelor and Master Degrees which he studied orchestra conducting with Professor Neil Varon. Under the guidance of Professor Varon, Mr. Xu conducted the Rochester Philharmonic. In the year 2018, Li Xu succeeded Maestro Liao Yuan for the post of music director of Guangzhou Philharmonic until the outbreak of the covid. Li Xu also in the funder of Youth Orchestra of Conghua District in Guangzhou. Li Xu currently conducts the Zhuhai Ocean Chamber Orchestra as well as teaching the double bass in Henan Technology College School of Music.

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