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Kinder Strings is a systematic enrichment programmes which introduce preschoolers the joy of violin and cello playing in an ensemble setting. In these programmes, children learn how to play the instrument from the beginner level. All our programmes take place at kindergartens, and we provide teachers, syllabus, and teaching materials at your door step. In Kinder Strings, all our teachers are trained and certified by us. Kinder Strings is endorsed by Trinity College London, which offers certifications for students who follow our pathway. 



The Introductory Programme of Kinder Strings is a perfect opportunity for beginners aged 5 & 6 to get a "taste" of the violin and cello. With no musical background and playing experience needed, children will be able to perform in an ensemble setting in just 6 classes. Programme topics include introductory on orchestral instruments, basic playing techniques, ensemble playing skills, listening skills, stage presentation, musical movement, and other fun and holistic activities. Musical instruments will be provided in this programme. 


We offer individual lessons at your kindergarten for any student who wishes to get more in-depth one-on-one learning from our experienced and dedicated teacher. 


There are 3 levels of weekly programmes of Kinder Strings: the Foundation Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level. These programmes are designed for those who have already attended our Introductory Programme and would like to continue their musical path on a weekly basis.  


Our syllabus is customised with renowned early years methods and concept, blending with rich resources from musical experts from around the world. All our music is beautifully arranged by experienced music arrangers. We look into details and make every moment count for children. We focus on delivering engaging and effective teaching methods, giving our children all the benefits that learning music provides in developing their brains and minds. The Kinder Strings endorsed by Trinity College London which offers certificates for children who participate in all our programmes.


Click below to watch our live performances in which these children learnt their instruments in just several sessions and be able to perform 3 songs. Best of all, they have cultivated the love of the instrument and orchestra activities.

Kinder Strings class

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Kinder Strings class

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Kinder Strings class

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Kinder Strings class

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Kinder Orchestra

Kinder Orchestra

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Let's hear what parents say about us!

Su-Ann (parent),
Tadika Little Mandarin House

"My child joined the Kinder Strings led by their teacher during a holiday programme. Just 5 days under the teacher's teaching sparked a deep interest in the violin and music in him. He has since started the full Kinder Strings programme and individual lessons and we are tremendously pleased at how he has bloomed and grown under their teaching. Kinder Strings and its team are deeply passionate and that has shown in the way the children effortlessly learn the violin and play together in their own orchestra. It's been a wonderful journey and my child looks forward to making more wonderful music with his friends and the great teachers. Thank you!"

Lisa Chisholm (parent),
Tadika Little Mandarin House

"The Kinder Strings has been brilliant to raise the confidence and competency of my little girl. Isobel has loved the safe and creative space to learn violin and reading music, she has made great friends and always comes home full of smiles and wanting to get her violin out and show me what she's learnt. I would highly recommend the Kinder Orchestra to anyone wanting to give their child a start in learning an instrument or even to pregress their skills. I feel very lucky we found it!"

Crystal Wong (parent),
Taska Precious Steps

"It has been a year and my children still remember the teachers and experience in Kinder Strings. We were amazed at the poise and discipline the young kindergarten children displayed, as they listened attentively and observed the conductor's gestures and played together as a team, just after 4 days of training without any prior knowledge of the violin! Thank you!

Reasons why you should have Kinder Orchestra

in your kindergarten:


1. Promote a sense of unity within your school;

2. Increase the breadth of your school’s music curriculum;

3. Discover talents within your school;

4. Bring recognition and visibility to your school;

5. Perform for your own school events;

6. Bring joy to both students, their teachers and parents;

7. Help to keep students engaged in positive activities through after-school activities.


on how you can be

in our team.

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