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Camp Guidelines & Policies


Open to players who play the violin, viola, or cello.

Requirement: 11 years old and above, minimum grade 3 level.

Music Camp Fees

Early Bird Special, register on/before 13 Feb 2018:

*Current EPOA player: RM370

Former EPOA player: RM475

Non-EPOA player: RM530

***Participant without accommodation & food: RM230

**Visitor (for participant’s family member): RM390


Register from 14 Feb - 13 Mar 2018:

*Current EPOA player: RM420

Former EPOA player: RM525

Non-EPOA player: RM580

***Participant without accommodation & food: RM280

**Visitor (for participant’s family member): RM440


*Player who is curently enrolling with EPOA.  

**Visitor: accommodation, food, and concert ticket at The Haven on 24/3/18.

***Player who joins the camp but without staying at The Haven.

Music camp 3 days 2 nights (23 - 25/3) includes 2 breakfasts (24/3 & 25/3), 1 lunch (24/3), and 2 dinner

(23/3 & 24/3) at The Haven.

Registration Process

Registration shall be completed by submitting the online registration form. In general there are three (3) steps to complete the registration:

  1. Fill out and submit the Online Registration Form;

  2. Upon approved by the academy, player will be prompted to make the payment;

  3. Player will receive an email from the academy about successful enrollment status, class schedules, sheet music, etc.

Payment Method

Payment to be made via online bank transfer only. The academy will provide bank details upon the application is approved.

Refund Policy

  1. There will be no refund shall any participant drop out from the camp due to any personal reasons even in extreme cases involving personal or family serious illness or death.

  2. The Eugene Pook Orchestra Academy reserves the right to cancel sections of music camp with insufficient enrolment. In the event that the camp is cancelled, participants will receive full refund.

  3. The academy reserves the right to discontinue a participant’s participation at the camp at any time for reasons including, but not limited to: poor attendance or disruptive behavior. Discontinuance imposed by the academy is not subject to any refund.

Rules and Expectation of Behaviour

It is our wish and responsibility to create a positive and enjoyable music camp environment for all participants. Therefore on the first day of camp, rules and expectation of behaviour will be discussed with all participants. We do this to help our participants to understand how their behaviour may affect the music camp experience for everyone:

  • All participants are required to be available for all camp activities and concert from 23 - 25 March, 2018.

  • Participants are expected to be on time for all activities.

  • Participants are also responsible for making sure that their instrument is in proper working order, including having proper accessories (rosins, strings, etc.).

  • Participants are expected to act responsibly and respectfully to the conductor, artistes, and fellow participants.


Music camp will be held at The Haven Resort Hotel, in Ipoh. Participants who choose to have accomodation will stay in the suite sharing with other participants.

All participants will be put in a 2+1 bedroom suite with double beds and single beds. Only 1 room comes with attached-bathroom and the other 2 rooms come with a common shared bathroom.


Room allocation is on a first registered and compatibility basis. Since the rooms are shared accommodation, we suggest you to register early as to improve your chances of rooming with others.  

Each suite comes with a living room, dining area, balcony, kitchenette with microwave and fridge. Towels, sheets and pillows will also be provided for participants. To find out more about The Haven visit its website‎


All meals will be served at the restaurant Cuisine at The Haven. Cuisine is a Halal restaurant. 


All participants are responsible for their own transportation to The Haven Resort Hotel, Ipoh. 

What to bring, What to Wear during camp

Dress code for all music camp activities is casual. Shorts, T-shirts, and flip-flops are acceptable! Except the bare feet and swim suits when during classes. Don’t forget your swimsuits, The Haven has awesome swimming pools!


Camp Materials

Participants are responsible to bring their instruments, folding music stand, sheet music, and pencil to all rehearsals of the music camp. Sheet music and some written materials in PDF format will be emailed to participants, it is players’ responsibilities to print them out and bring to the music camp.


The repertoires of the music camp will consist of music from the Sound of Music, Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, Song from Secret Garden, Ode To Joy, etc., plus chamber music (for artistes and advance players).


Performance is an integral and exciting part of music study for participants at the music camp. There will be an outdoor concert In the evening of 24th March 2018 at The Haven. The performance will be presented by the orchestra made up of all participants, artistes, plus young singers from a local music school. Participation in this concert is mandatory for all participants. This concert will be open to the public with entrance tickets. Dinner will be served during the event, however performance will only begin towards the end of dinner. All participants may not leave the event until the entire concert is over.

Concert Attire

Concert attire for the Saturday night performance is, for male: black pants, black shoes, and long sleeve white shirt. Female: black skirt or black pants, long sleeve white shirt. 

Food Allergies and Medical Condition

All parcipants must notify EPOA about your food allergies and/or Medical Condition which you need us to be aware.  If you have food allergies, you must list out (in our Online Registration Form) foods to which you are allergic to and the specific symptoms he or she typically experiences during an allergic reaction, as well as the emergency procedure.

Personal Belongings

The Eugene Pook Orchestra Academy and The Haven Resort Hotel are not responsible or liable for lost, missing, or damaged instruments or belongings.

Photo and Video Releases

For promotional purposes, the academy will be taking photos and videos of participants during the camp activities. If you do not wish yourself or your child’s image to be used in this manner, please inform the academy by the first day of camp. If we do not hear from you, the academy assumes consent to the use of your child’s photo(s) and video in our publicity material. The photos and videos provided will never be shared with other organizations or sold.

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