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1. I live outside of Malaysia, can I participate in the competition?

Answer: We regret to inform that at the moment the competition is only open for residents of Malaysia.

2. I am a college/university student, will this concerto competition be organized for my age category?

Answer: This year’s competition is open for Young Artistes level which is for middle and secondary school students. We aim to organize the Collegiate level for next year for college and university students, making the Young Artistes and Collegiate level takes turns every two year. Do stay tuned with us by following us on our social media channel for next year's competition announcement.


3. I have already submitted the application form, but I would like to change my competition repertoire.

Answer: Unfortunately, no repertoire changes are permitted after the application form has been submitted. 


4. If I do not advance to the Final round, will the application fee be refunded?

Answer: Unfortunately, the application fee is nonrefundable.


5. For the two pieces in the Preliminary round, can I record the two pieces separately at a different time?

Answer: The two pieces video recording shall only be made in one continuous recording from a single fixed camera location.


6. What do judges look for in my performances?

Answer: Contestants will be judged on musicianship, technical proficiency, intonation, teamwork with accompanist (where applicable), poise, and overall presentation skills.


7. Can I receive feedback on my performance videos?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not provide any feedback or comments for the candidates.

8. I am a non-pianist, will I get extra "points" if I perform music from memory? 

Answer: There are no extra points given by the Jury although perform from memory will contribute many benefits to your performance.


9. Can I take part in more than one instrument in the competition? 

Answer: Yes you may, however you will need to submit an additional application form and the application fee.


10. When will the Winners concert be? 

Answer: First Place winners will perform separately in dates throughout SSO's 2022/2023 season. Exact date will be arranged with the soloists.


12. Do I need to play by memory with the SSO in the Winners concert? 

Answer: Only pianists will need to perform from memory in the Winners concert, other instruments are encouraged to play by memory but not mandatory.

13. Will I get the same marks from the Jury if I perform without a collaborative pianist?
Answer: While one can play without a collaborative pianist, our Jury will nonetheless assess a soloist's understanding of the orchestra/accompanying part.

14. Can I still play with a backing track if I decided not to play with a collaborative pianist?
Answer: Playing with a backing track is strongly discouraged as it is likely to limit a participant's flexibility and musical freedom.

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