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The Benefits of Having a School Orchestra/Ensemble

An orchestra is a microcosm of society. A student who might be too shy to engage in a classroom discussion may still flourish when communicating through the medium of an instrument instead. Unlike other activities that create winners and losers, playing in an orchestra requires everyone to be an equal, and each member to support everyone else.

A student quickly realizes his or her role as a team player, and how one cannot get away from personal preparation and personal responsibility. When things go well, a music performance can be an inspiring thing, especially when it emphasizes the idea of how it can be more than the sum total of the individual abilities of the players.

Great music comes from all genres, and each genre brings a unique tradition. Playing in an orchestra itself is not just an educational activity, but a multi-cultural one, that engages curiosity, unity, and even bravery – all on display for parents and public, for the pride of the school as a whole. Perhaps most importantly: it’s fun. As education should often be.

School Orchestra is definitely an integral part of school life. By having a school orchestra, it can:

1. Give students and teachers a broader music department

2. Promote a sense of unity within the school

3. Increase the breadth of the school’s music curriculum so that more students can get involved in music studies

4. Discover talents within the school and recruit outside talents to the school

5. Promote teamwork among music department teachers and students

6. Enable closer relationships between teachers in the music department

7. Bring joy to both students, their teachers, and concert audiences

8. Help keep students engaged in positive activities outside of school through after-school orchestra rehearsals, concerts, and social activities

9. Offer a fun experience for the students – personally, socially, and musically

10. Bring recognition and visibility to the school music program by providing live orchestra performances at school’s internal and external events.

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