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The Selangor Symphony Youth Orchestra offers scholarships for players who play the endangered instruments, there instrument are viola, double bass, bassoon, and trombone. These players receive up to 100% scholarships to participate in our weekly orchestra training on every Saturday in our very own orchestra center. 


Players who play the above instruments will receive: 

  • If pass grade 4 will receive 50% off from our Term Fee 

  • If pass grade 5 to 7 will receive 80% off from our Term Fee

  • If pass grade 8 and above will receive 100% off from our Term Fee



Open for viola, double bass, bassoon and trombone, and meet the following requirements:

  • Aged between 11 and 24 and will participate in our weekly orchestra training on every Saturday 3pm - 6pm.

  • Minimum standard Trinity College London Grade 4 or equivalent and/pass our audition requirement by submitting audition videos.


  • To commit in our weekly training on every Saturday from 3pm - 6pm and to participate in all our concerts and projects such as music camp, workshop, etc. 

  • You must remain good orchestra etiquette with good attendance in our orchestra

  • Your scholarship is offered by Term basis and will be reviewed end of every Term by our conductors and coaches to determine any continuation of your scholarship

  • You must have a private instrumental teacher and are taking weekly lessons on the instrument that you are applying

  • All new players are required to pay a one-time RM60 Application & Audition Fee which comes with a SSYO T-shirt


  1. Fill in and submit the Online Application HERE

  2. Submit 2 audition pieces. Audition pieces can be downloaded from HERE

  3. All applicants have the choice to submit the audition video from ONE of the following: 1) by email send to For large video files you may consider WeTransfer WeTransfer is the simplest way to share large files up to 2GB for free. 2) upload in Google Drive and email to us, 3) send audition video via Whatsapp to us at +6014-974-6885. 

  4. To learn more about the audition and other info please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page


  1. Fill in and submit the Online Application

  2. You will be contacted by us to submit your video recording AFTER we receive and review your application 

  3. Upon successful on your audition, you will be notified to become member of the SSYO.

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